Public Reading at Unity on Union Books

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Sadly, Unity on Union has since closed as a result of the pandemic}

This Sunday at Unity on Union Books, I’ll be giving a public reading from my newly e-published autobiography, A Spiritual Evolution, which describes my Near Death Experience and how its after-effects figured into my recovery from addiction(s).

Raised in an academic, alcoholic family, I was a staunch atheist when I snorted enough lidocaine, sold to me as coke in a Manhattan night club, to shut down my heart.  During over three minutes of ineffectual CPR, I journeyed through a vivid landscape to a brilliant light of overwhelming love — yet for many years I wrote the experience off as a “coke trip” and proceeded with my life of addiction and a shameful compulsive disorder.  (I had never heard of white light experiences.)

Unknown to me, about half of people who survive NDEs continue to experience paranormal after-effects, mainly of a psychic nature but also including foreknowledge, warning voices, and seeing spirits.  All of these things happened to atheist, rationalist me as I plowed my life deeper and deeper into addiction, and they continued into the lip service faith on which I founded my sobriety — 14 Weird Things in total — until the whopper 9th Weird Thing clobbered the last of my cynicism and left me no choice but to embrace god — or that life exists in the context of a complex system of spiritual energy I call god.

I hope you can come and listen.  Unity on Union Books is a cheery and cozy bookstore specializing in recovery books.

WHEN: Sunday, Sept 30th, 2012 – 5:30 PM
WHERE: Unity on Union Books, 2420 E. Union (btwn 24th & 25th)  Click here to see map.

The book is available via Amazon.

Thanks, and I hope to see you there!

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