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More from/on Louisa:

Addiction Memoir, A Spiritual Evolution, preview/purchase:


YOUTUBE INTERVIEWS: recounting my NDE and aftereffects: .

The Other Side – Super-short summary   2022 

JeffMara interview March 2021

 Tricia Barker interview November 2019

and Love-covered Life: Hard Core Atheist 2022

Documentary film .

Raw Interview Footage for Consciousness Continues — my first interview ever – 2013

Short Film Consciousness Continues

Louisa’s Youtubes of mountaineering, dance, etc.  .



Radio interview for Forever Family Foundation on Near Death Experience.



Click here to listen to podcast – Louisa starts at 15:00


Louisa’s Bookstore reading video – preamble:space.. .


Louisa’s previously published
short stories:



Addiction Memoir’s kinda half-assed Facebook page:


Twitter handle  😛

(I tweet only links to new blog posts)
Louisa Jean@aspiritualevolu



Click here for Good Reads Booklist


More links on Recovery:

Sciencey blog I follow on alcoholism/addiction & neuropsychology:

My very favorite AA speaker audiorecording (he’s hilarious):

Dr. Paul O – author of “Acceptance is the Answer” Big Book Story

More on NDEs:

Near Death Experience Research Foundation:  (Lots and lots and lots of Near Death Experience accounts and survey responses from all over the world)

Seattle International Association of Near Death Studies:


Harmful effects of Binge Drinking:

5 responses to “Links & Stuff

  1. Anonymous

    May we publish one of your blogs in an AAInternet publication?


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  3. Hey Louisa, I am watching this video right now and I thought I tell you about it. Also I´m sure you will like the conscioustv channel on youtube.

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    • Thank you, Sven!
      I’ve watched about half of it so far, and his findings definitely align with all we talk about in my Near Death group. It’s odd that relatives are so important on the other side – in almost all the phenomena he describes. In my NDE, I went to a HOUSE that I knew all my ancestors had passed through, which made me inordinately happy, and when I went to look through the big picture window they all loved to look through (I knew somehow), I was sucked out and zoomed over the ocean and into the sun. In any case, relatives were REALLY dear to me on the other side, whereas in normal life… I’m just NOT one of those people who gives a fig about family trees, etc. So the value wasn’t mine. It’s more like we’re (family is) leaves on the same branch in terms of life energy – know what I mean? 🙂

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