Addiction Memoir

This book tells about alcoholism from the inside — how it feels to live with a big gaping hole in your spirit, a god-sized one that you try to fill with anything that makes you feel better.  In my case, I tried substances (alcohol/ cocaine), crushes (romantic obsession), and constant achievement as a defense against self-loathing (negative egotism). None of my solutions worked. I was lucky enough, though, to have a Near Death Experience in my early 20s — crossing to the other side after a drug-induced cardiac arrest — that allowed messages from the spirit world to reach me as an aftereffect. Forgive me, I refer to this voice as my “guardian angel.”  It had to bellow at me the first time I acknowledged it on this side of death. What did it say? “This is the last time I can help you!” and “You DO know right from wrong!” — enough to start me on the path to sobriety at age 34, although, in the years that followed, it had much more to teach me.

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Reader reviews on Amazon for  A Spiritual Evolution:

* * * * *  This is an awesome book. I’ve recommended it to all my female friends in recovery. I’ve been sober 33 years and for me it’s brought new insight into trying to understand this insidious disease.

* * * * *  Heaven sent. The brilliant honesty of A Spiritual Evolution touched and moved me. For me, affected by alcoholism and compulsive disorders, and by the miraculous recovery that comes with sincere 12-step work, this book is a gift.

* * * * * After reading just a few pages of Louisa’s story, I felt an immediate sense of relief that I’m not the only one, and I’m not just talking about alcoholism or Near Death Experience.

* * * * * This book is beautiful. Sort of a mix of “Running with Scissors” and “Eat, Pray Love.” Louisa exposes her life with raw, brutal, and unapologetic honestly – tapping into her amazing courage, unique and quirky personality, and often ironic sense of humor.

* * * * * Each time I open a chapter I find myself immersed in her journey… drawn in, as if I’m living these experiences right along with Louisa

* * * * * Excellent read. A courageous real life story. I was sad when it ended. Thank you, Louisa, for sharing.

* * * * * I learned much about addiction and now understand why AA and other 12 step programs have been successful, and what recovery actually means.

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